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I am drawing for $100 in cold hard cash, as a Halloween treat for those of you who want to participate. This drawing is sponsored by Superior Casino, and they have given us 195 free spins, for new and existing players.

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Participate in our $100 Halloween Drawing!

1. Comment Below (Speak Your Mind section) and let me know your favorite SCARY movie of all time!

2. Email me and let me know your Superior Casino login ID:

Simple stuff. I plan to draw 4 x $25 winners on November 1st (Thursday).

WINNERS! Bridgett W., James Reynolds, Charity, Rick A. Emailing each of you! Please respond within ~72 hours. Otherwise I will need to redraw your prize. Thanks for participating!

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  1. Jason

  2. Cindy scott says

    Friday the 13th

  3. This is easy. “The Blob”. An oldie but moldy. LOL

    • LOL @ the Blob! Yes, now that was an old old scary movie. When I see oldies like this, they just make me chuckle because of the acting styles and graphics. Good choice Beverly. :)

  4. Shenee Dicante says

    Night mare on elm st

  5. Sherrie Stewart says

    The Shining!
    Favorite scene was Honey I’m home – I love it!

  6. I would have to say my favorite Scary movie is “Get Out.” I love a good horror/scary movie, but they are very hard to come by these days. Most of the best ones I think are older… not many good ones have been made in the last 15 years or so.

    • Agreed Jay. Not being too much of a prude, but new TV these days seems to just be about pushing boundaries for sexuality and gore.

  7. Michael J Shutler says

    The excersist scared the crap out of me. Way way scary.

  8. Josh Vansteen says


  9. Victoria L Resurreccion says

    My favorite scary movie of all time is FRANKENSTEIN.

  10. Evil dead 1st time wrecked my buzz..!

  11. The Cube

  12. The exocist, is the scariest movie of all time ! I had so many nightmares after I first saw it, of course I was only 13, and should have never seen it at that age !

    • Yea, 13 is pretty young for a scary movie. I bet your parents were kicking themselves if you were constantly in their bed for the next few nights. Any time we watch anything a tad bit frightening, it guarantees 3 extra pairs of cold feet crawling into our California King at some point during the night…

  13. Desire Priscilla Borrego says

    The exorcist

  14. My favorite scary movie would have to be Nightmare on Elm Street!! It was the scary movie when I was in school!!

  15. Angela Waiomio says


    • Ahh, now this one was popular and freaky, since it was such an innovative movie at the time. So many parodies out of it too. Thanks for participating!

  16. Scott McGuire says

    My favorite scary movies of all time are any of the Aliens movies, especially the first one. I know it’s a sci fi, but it scared the s#*§ out of me! I also think any of the Jigsaw movies were pretty scary.

    • Yea, SCIFI can certainly scare the socks off of you too. Jigsaw as in “Saw”? I’ve never saw any of those, believe it or not. Bet it would keep you a awake at night though. :)

  17. Hi keith.. i had written a comment mentioning the evil dead as a first scare when i saw it way back..i don’t see the comment so wrote this..!
    Cheers from Ireland.!

  18. Courtney Goff says


  19. Leprechaun is my person favorite

  20. Caroline Cote says

    Halloween thats the best ever

  21. I always liked the Nightmare on Elm street movies, had a hard time going to sleep as a kid watching those!

  22. Lonnie n Etheridge says

    Friday the 13th is a good one..

  23. Cheryl.Jimenez says

    Hi Keith, Long time no chat. One of the scariest movie I’ve ever seen is The Exorcist! Thank you for your dedication to making it possible for casino players to get all the bonuses you make happen. You’re Awesome! 😙

    • Hey Cheryl,

      It has been awhile! Thank you for stopping in and participating on this one. Great choice in The Exorcist. I think that’s gotta be a top 10 for just about any scary movie fan.

      • Aleksandr Goltvyanitsa says

        I dunno didnt see my comment post, but yah Friday the 13th good movie. And its me Aleks lol.. (Playaboii) – been awhile.. good to hear from u Keith

      • Hey bud,

        I have to manually approve all comments. Otherwise, we’d be overrun with spam.

  24. Greg lindeman says


  25. Aleksandr Golvyanitsa (Playaboii) says

    Most definitely include me in. – (Playaboii)
    This is great! Nice to see ya again Keith. – its me Aleks
    Your site and promos are always awesome. And – “Scary Movie” is the one i like lol… Friday the 13th .. Classic as well…

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