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America’s Cardroom is in the middle of hosting the Online Super Series, which is a massive USA friendly poker tournament series. I have not seen anything like this in a few years. I am wanting to stake some of our community members to a number of the events. Let me explain what “OSS CUB3D” is, first of all, and then we’ll talk staking.

Where can you play the Online Super Series? America’s Cardroom

What is OSS CUB3D? This dude explains it really well:

Visit OSS CUB3D at America’s Cardroom

MOSS : Mini Online Super Series – Ran from August 14-Aug24. Over and done. Sorry!

OSS : Online Super Series started August 4th. Buy-in’s starting at $1 and prize pools as high as $1,000,000

BOSS : Bigger Online Super Series. This is for the big boys, starting Sept. 7th. Expensive buy-ins, smaller competition fields and huge guarantees.

Who am I staking?

I’ve got a couple hundred at America’s Cardroom, so I thought I would stake some of you poker aficionados, either partially (for more expensive events), to full if you want to play the smaller events. America’s Cardroom has player to player transfer, so this will be easy.


Only 1. Make a comment on this post, briefly noting your poker experience, and the event you are considering and why I should stake you. Email me as well, so we can discuss! (

Preference will be given to folks who sign up the account through our referral link (on this page, or I can email it to you!).

If I’m going to give away my roll, at least let me get some referral credit for it, eh? :)

We will follow along as a community and cheer you on!

Visit the OSS CUB3D Event Page

Comment below and tell me why I should stake you!


  1. Keith,

    I play on Americascardroom and would be honored to be staked there. Here is my stats from Pocketfives .com and from SharkScope:

    Let me know when where and what you want…

    Albert “ardodd” Dodd

  2. Wow, now that is truly awesome news Keith, thanks for the opportunity. I’d certainly like to give it a shot.
    I’ve been playing online since online poker began, and I’ve taken down a few tournaments. I’ve never played at this level and would love to do so! I hope I’m one of the lucky ones… thx again!

    • Hi Funseeker! Please email me your nickname at ACR so I can transfer. I’m answering the emails next, so if you have already emailed, just expect a reply there. Thanks!

  3. I can only say I have little poker experience. It signs like an amazing opportunity. I think you style stake me because we can go with beginners luck. ;)

  4. HldmCwby on ACR says

    Very generous offer! I plan to play quite a few of these anyway, but have had a rough month, so staking me may not be too smart…lol. Maybe something smaller, like the $11 PLO8 8K GTD on the 29th? I’ve done fairly well in PLO8 tournies, but cash games have been rough.

    GL to all who play in these!!

  5. David Corbitt says

    Hello Keith,

    First and foremost this is awesome that you are even contemplating doing this for members of the community. I have been playing online for about 5 years now. I started mainly after I had a severe back injury on the job and played mainly just for something to do. I started when FTP was still around up until Black Friday in 2012. Since then I have been playing on WPN. I mainly play for fun and small stakes because my bills come before anything else. I would absolutely love playing something larger than I normally do. I have fairly good stats for playing micro tourneys. My ROI is 133% and if need be I can give you my screen name and you can look up stats on Sharkscope. Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Kind Regards,
    David Corbitt

    • Hi David,

      Would love to stake you sir! Injuries do tend to lead to more computer time, eh? Please email me if you have not done so already and let me know the event you have in mind. I’m mainly staking the smaller buyin OSS events. Some of them have nice guarantees though. :) Email,

      • David Corbitt says

        Sorry Keith I didn’t get this until today. I did however send you an email. Would love to play poker all day if I could, but I have to take care of my 86 yr old mother-in-law or I would have gotten in touch with you earlier. Hope to hear from you. Have a nice day!

        David C

      • Lots of respect for taking care of your mother-in-law. I did the same for my dad. No worries on the late reply, as I was out all weekend myself. I emailed you back. Looking forward to your reply.

  6. Geoffrey King says

    Ok, I will take a shot here. I have been playing online for the last 12 yrs. or so. Middling tournament success. I have probably won $5k or so across all sites in tournament play. I have been playing mostly PLO/8 for the last couple of years and gotten pretty good. I would like to take a shot at OSS #34 $8k gtd. PLO/8. Ten dollar plus one dollar buy in. I could give you some screen names to look up on SharkScope if you want. In any case thanks for all that you do for us players and keep up the good work.

    • Hi Geoffrey. Happy to stake you to OSS #34. Email me your account nickname at America’s Cardroom and I’ll ship it over and we can agree on a staking agreement. Thanks!

  7. Hello Keith just wanted to say “WOW!!” You can always surprise me and catch me off guard with what you do for your members! That being said I have about 12 years of play experience. I’m a member of almost every poker forum or group example The Nuts or ACRSTormers , Global Poker , Lost in Poker , ,ect . I could probley give you close to 100 Lol Anyways I’m sure you get it.I play everyday and night online and I have many screenshots I could show you. I’m about it !!!I am confident in my ability to make the top 10 of any event online. I am looking to get in a couple of events #22, #29,#48,#50,#56,#69,of course #72. Now you asked what events we are wanting to play well those are the OSS events I would feel comfortable with competing in. Now your the one who will ultimately pick and drop the stake on events. Either way Keith ty for this opportunity you have given this community it’s a way that the little guy may go from Zero 2 Hero.

    • Happy to stake you Mr. Kidd Hype. Email me your ACR nickname so I can transfer over some moolah. I’m still on the fence about what to write up for staking agreements. Tempted to just say, if someone cashes, just give me back the original stake + a tip. Granted, I would kick myself if someone wins a few thousand bucks… :) Hmmm…

  8. maxime lajeunesse says

    obv i am willing to play some event for you , ssnl mtt are my specialty, hers the event i feel like i have an edge:
    Saturday 27th August 2016 4:00pm #19 $3,000 $5+0.40 KO
    Saturday 27th August 2016 8:00pm #22 $10,000 $20+2 regular
    Saturday 27th August 2016 9:30pm #24 $400 $1+0.10 Regular
    Sunday 28th August 2016 2:00pm #25 $40,000 $20+2 5 HR LR
    Sunday 28th August 2016 7:30pm #29 $7,500 $10+1 Regular
    Monday 29th August 2016 6:30pm #36 $2,000 $2+0.20 R/A
    Monday 29th August 2016 8:30pm #38 $2,500 $5+0.50 regular
    Monday 29th August 2016 10:15pm #39 $3,000 $25+1.25 Hyper Megastack KO
    Tuesday 30th August 2016 3:30pm #40 $5,000 $5+0.50 6 Max 5 HR LR
    Tuesday 30th August 2016 6:45pm #42 $4,000 $10+1 Regular
    Wednesday 31st August 2016 3:30pm #46 $20,000 $30+3 5 HR LR
    Wednesday 31st August 2016 4:30pm #47 $2,000 $2+0.20 R/A
    Wednesday 31st August 2016 8:00pm #50 $3,000 $5+0.50 Regular
    Thursday 1st September 2016 3:30pm #52 $5,000 $10+1 5 HR LR SKO
    Thursday 1st September 2016 8:30pm #56 $1,000 $2+0.20 Regular
    Friday 2nd September 2016 7:30pm #61 $3,000 $5+0.50 Regular
    Saturday 3rd September 2016 5:00pm #65 $6,000 $20+2 Regular
    Saturday 3rd September 2016 10:00pm #69 $4,000 $10+1 Regular
    Sunday 4th September 2016 2:00pm #71 $50,000 $20+2 5 HR LR
    and this good looking sat
    Sunday 4th September 2016 6:00pm #73 $49,000 $50+5 Beast and Snc combined 10 PKG GTD
    choose what you want me play , i feekl very confortanle with all of those

    • Good to hear from you again Maxime. I think I’ll transfer over some cash and you can pick the events you are most comfortable in. Does that sound good? If you have not emailed me already, please email me your ACR nickname so I can make that tranfer. Thanks!

  9. Dustin Nieder says

    Stake me Keith!

    I’ve been playing online poker for over 10 years, and started back in 2005 on Full Tilt. Large tournaments of 300+ were my bread and butter and I am able to place more often than not due to an early loose aggressive style that gives me a large enough stack so that I can tighten up, go passive, and wait for the bubble to break. I got pretty good at presenting a hand that I don’t have pre-flop, and committing to that bluff when I need to, or better yet, surprising someone with the 5-9 straight when they thought I was on pocket faces.

    Claim to fame is a tie between bluffing out Andy Bloch and buying some field level Chargers tickets back in 2007 (when they were good) with earnings from a second place win in a $10-$1 tournament.

    Saturday 27th August 2016 8:00pm #22 $10,000 $20+2 regular
    That would be my preference but my schedule is pretty much wide open. Just don’t give me a turbo because I’m a patient player and should be leveraging that.

    • Dustin Nieder says

      PS I’m still bitter about that second place win since stacks were almost even and my knockout hand had 80/20 odds in my favor. But hey, that’s poker.

    • How can I turn down staking Disco-Dustin? I’ll ship $22, if you can let me know your account ID at ACR. Good luck man!

      • Dustin Nieder says

        Oh. Wow. I didn’t know I had an alias. You probably didn’t expect me to like it though. Too late on ACR, my username is dnieder, but you can bet money on seeing DiscoDustin on your list of referrals here soon.

      • Haha, awesome man. Yea, that “Disco Dustin” was right off the top of my head after the secret shopper picture. :)

  10. hello i am 11kathy on acr. i have played poker for about 40 yrs. I love a good card game. Sometimes its hard when people go all in with nothing but you can tell a bluffer after a few hands and try to knock them out. If you stake me maybe we could play against each other would be fun.

    • 40 years? Wow! That’s like Doyle Brunson experience, no? :) Email me the event you are considering Kathy, so I know we are on the same page. Thanks!

      • Hi Keith,

        I would like to be stake for a game after 6:00 in the evening on week days or any time on weekends. Started playing when I was a kid so I’m not that old, only 57. I really think this is great.

        Thank you again Kathy

      • Hi Kathy,

        Nice experience. :) – I emailed you back. I just need your account nickname at ACR and I can send over some stake money.

  11. William Hull says

    I’ve been playing poker online since 2009. I started at Pokerstars and Full Tilt then eventually added accounts as more sites opened. I also joined numerous online poker forums where I have been active posting in the forum, playing private games, and getting to know other members in chat rooms. I’m known for having a very aggressive playing style but also called a donk by many others because of the wide range of hands I’m willing to play. I lose more often than win but I have been known to play and win some very respectable games.
    I’m not going to ask to play one of the high dollar tournaments where too often deep pocket players shove early and rebuy repeatedly making early play difficult to make it thru with buy-in money alone. I prefer to play in tournments where I have enough for the buy-in, plus one rebuy just in case, plus one add-on. Unless you’re playing in a Freeze-out you’re really taking a chance playing with just the buy-in in your account. That being said if it is agreeable with you, if you decide to stake me, I would like to play in either of the following two tournamnets.
    Monday 29th August 2016 6:30pm OSS#36 $2,000 $2+0.20 R/A
    Wednesday 31st August 2016 4:30pm OSS#47 $2,000 $2+0.20 R/A
    I can understand you preferring to stake someone who signs up thru your link so you can get the referral credit but I have had an account at ACR since 2013 or I would gladly create one thru your link. Regardless there are many out there I believe who can vouch for my integrity and honesty and I hope you will consider staking me.

    • Happy to stake you to those tourneys William. I tried the nickname you sent, but I think that must be your Black Chip nickname (or another skin). Got the “wrong skin” error message. Shoot me an email back with the nickname and I’ll shoot back enough to play both of those micros.

  12. Dennis Moulton says

    Please stake me Keith!!! My name is Dennis and I have an edge on ACR because my username is LOWSY. That’s right! LOWSY! And check out my email address too! I play pretty tight, and when I am in a hand, players of all experiences look at my username and give me the calls that I want!! My advantage I have is simple, I usually get a great start to every tournament early, because when someone has a hard decision and know that they are behind, they tell themselves, “Well, I am playing against Lowsy, so he obviously has nothing. I call his allin.” And then BOOM! They see that Lowsy has fooled them by having the nuts. THEY GET TO GO TO SLEEP, WHILE LOWSY GETS TO GO RUN DEEP!! And I would love to do that on September 4th 6:00pm $50 buyin or any other tournies around $20-$50 on that day please.. I wont let you down, but I will make others frown, as I take everyones chips and send them to town!
    Thanks so much for the opportunity,

    • Hi Dennis,

      Staking a lowsy player has got to be automatic ROI, right? :) – Great player nickname. I have been doing up to $20 stakes, in order to spread the funds to as many as possible. I’ll send over $23 so you can pick pretty much any $20 event, and it will also cover the fee. Good luck!

  13. Deanna Joy Bowen says

    Hi Keith, My name is Deanna. I,ve been playing online poker since 2010 I love it ! I started with Poker Stars I’ve never been able to deposit . But my best win was 9,000 poker players with 1,500 w/rebuy. i couldnt rebuy. I dont know how I did it, but I won!! I beat 8,999 poker players. I’ve averaged 25% 1st. place n the rest I was 2nd or third. I’ve been try ing so hard to play freeroll tournaments and win real money.. my goal is to play with the big guys! my dream & goal is to become a professional poker player. I get such a High when I im 1 to 1 the other player 8,000 me 1,000$ I’ve come back to win over 50% you can just feel the energy of my opponent and the shocked & agony they feel being beaten by a girl. its funny and I Love it! I play everyday. I would Love it and be proud if you sponsered me! I won’t let you down!!!
    i will take any tournament you choose. I just want to play in a real money tournament!! Also I’m a homeless mother & women born in America with over 20 yrs. trying to get help. somehow, I just get shuffled aside. my 11yr. old blind dog luna needs a home I also have 2 white cats mother & daughter starlight & moonlight. they sare the best most patient, faithful & enduring animals ever. we have a special unconditional love, most people will never experience. I saved up money people give me and bought a old suburban 2 weeks ago. so its our little home right now in san francisco. I’m laying in the back my 2 cats sleeping by me warm & cozy & now we’re safe. I will be 61 in sept. please, please pick me!!!!!!!. I have a joke for you: how do you wake-up lady gaga? U poke her face…. anyway ” my pokerface4u” one of my user names. Thank You Keith, everyday your there in my gmail, faithfully giving. your long time fan, Deanna Joy Bowen.


    • Hi Deanna,

      Wow! I hope you go on a win streak and get enough to help your situation. I’m happy to send over $11 for an event. I’ll email you and follow up with the $$ transfer after you tell me your username at ACR.

      Good luck with poker, but I hope you have better luck with life. :)

  14. Hows it hanging? Well I just think it is more than a delight to have the oppurtunity to speak to you,as well as get a chance at the gift you are offering some lucky people. Its a great thing you are doing. I am proud.I play at Americas Cardroom and would love to be Cheered on by you guys. If that doesnt make someone excited then they are in the wrong place. I would love it if i were the “Chosen” one. lol. Who knows,but all in all,You are doing a great thing and you are going to make some people very richly excited. Thank you for the Motivational Spirit. You the Man!

    • Hi Stuart,

      Please email me (or respond to the email I am about to send you!). We’re staking small, but I’ve still got a little left in the kitty… :)

  15. erik laugeson says

    ill send an email potfan42o if its not to late. the cheapest OSS events left are $11 #69 4k gtd and $7.70 2.5k gtd, good luck on your horses

    • Hi Erik,

      Sorry brother. :( – I got this a bit late and OSS is done. BOSS is kicking off though. Maybe we can find a satellite that’s cheaper, and get a shot that way? Look over the tourneys and shoot me an email.

  16. Rose B Richie says


    • If you are the real Rose Richie, that would be pretty cool. To date, I’ve only had a couple of poker pro interactions. The first was Lou Krieger, who sourced my poker strategy site as a reference in his book “The Poker Players Bible”. I’ve still got my autographed copy! The other is Dan Kelly, one of the youngest ever WSOP bracelet winners. We inadvertently gave him his online poker start when he was ~14 years old with a free $25 stake at Absolute Poker. Now that’s an interesting story. I wrote it up for Calvin Ayre a few years ago:

      Anyway, email me!

  17. Hi Coach
    Hope the your staking venture has been profitable thus far.
    Would you consider staking for the OSS #65 $6,000 GTD?
    I am new to ACR but logged thousands of hours of online experience playing on FullTilt and Stars when they were around.
    I am a solid tournament player / cash games are another story to be honest. lol. I have won/cashed high in numerous tournaments. My biggest cash was almost $15k on Tilt.
    My name on ACR is Slime Ball.
    Put me in this baby and let’s take it home :)
    – Blake

    • Hi Blake,

      I emailed you. Sorry I missed this! Maybe we can find a BOSS event satellite. Those are some huge buyins! If we can find a way to satellite in…. could be YuuuuuGe.

  18. My Poker Ex-per-Tise is un-beatable by skill. My Game to win Is the BOSS. I would Love your support,Keith! This is A Once in a life time opportunity for me. I expect nothing but a Win. I will even,Split my winnings with you. Sound like a plan,Keith? This Stake would mean the world to me. I ask for your support. Thank You.

    PS: My ACR ScreenName Is : welovetorock4

  19. Hi Keith. I haven’t gotten the chance to play. Just seen your email. I sure would love to play though. The Boss sounds congratulating. I’ll half it. Lol. Thanks. Act name is… ( fly baby)

    • Hi Lee,

      Shoot me an email sir! I’ve been passing out $10’s and $20’s for OSS. The BOSS events are a lot more to bite off. Maybe we can find a satellite in?

  20. Hi Keith,i sighn up for ur newsletter and ran across this thead,I would like a stake to the Boss#16 $500K Super Sat.Buy in$ 7.00.Any winnings will be split 50/50.My player id is PimPingDonkey on ACR.

  21. Chris McConnell says

    Hello I am christopher mcconnell I have my own unique way of playing. I was taught by an old man who does not believe in the poker strategy books and is very successful and makes his living playing hold em. I would love to have the chance for you to stake me. I will have him beside me giving advice and will only ask for 40% of the winnings. My car screensaver is:steeltoe88. Please email me if you decide to bless n stake me. Thank you, chris McConnell.

    • Hi Chris,

      Happy to consider staking you sir. The ACR event is over, but maybe we can look at a satellite stake to try to get in one of the big Sunday tournaments, and go from there? Please email so we can discuss. Thanks!

  22. Hi Keith. I haven’t gotten the chance to play. Just seen your email. I sure would love to play though. The Boss sounds congratulating. I’ll half it. Lol. Thanks. Act name is… pokerbandit22

    • Hi Deborah. Maybe we could pay your way into a satellite to another event? The OSS was a really successful event for them, for sure. I am seeing consistent 7 card stud games on a site for the first time since.. 2011?

  23. brian mcclatchey says

    hey kieth, as a longtime follower and recipient of your e-mails, i recently came across this thread and figured id write you and see whats up being that id be very interested in being staked in a MTT on ACR. i know the OSS is over by now but i was going to see if at all possible, if a stake in just a daily or weekly MTT would be at all possible. id really appreciate that if we could work somethin out. when i was able to play on ACR, when i was lucky enough to run up a little bankroll, i remember i used to love to play a $7.50 or $7.75 buyin bounty MTT that was a $1250.00 GTD tourney that was held every evening. id love to give that or really and MTT a shot and would be very very appreciative of the staking of a tournament, and of course if i place id be splitting our winnings with you, which is a given. anyway, heres my sharkscope, my name on ACR is 8bet22. thanks for your time.

    • Hi Brian. I’d be happy to set something up with you. Can you shoot me an email and reference this post? I’m always up for staking!

      • brian mcclatchey says

        awesome. sure will! thank you!

      • Brian McClatchey says

        I have sent you an e-mail regarding this response and all so I hope you got it… Look forward to hearing from you. And thank you very very much for the opportunity! Imma be trying my hardiest to build somewhat of a bankroll on ACR again, and I’m hoping this stake is going to be the start which I’m feeling good about so LETS GET ER DONE! Time to shuffle up and deal! Haha at least I really hope so SOON! I want to do my best to dominate! Thanks again Keith and just lmk when things are good to go! Have a good day sir.

      • Hi Brian. I see your email and am responding now. Been out of commission for a few days, so piling through the inbox as usual. :) – Listen for the new message “ding”!

  24. I play online a lot and win quite a bit either for money or for fun on worldseries of poker,,i play on betonline for real money,,and at the Niagara falls casino poker room for tourneys and no limit tables I play small stakes always but am working my way up the ladder,,,i have a tourney tonite for a seat in the next world series of poker tournament in vegas,,I’m gonna try my best tonite because I cant afford to pay for it myself,,,,so I would love to be staked in a real tourney anytime after tonite ,,,thank you
    Sticky Ricky

    • Hi Ricky,

      I have stayed at that Hilton on the Canadian side for an affiliate conference one year. Awesome view of the falls! – Some goober practical joke-pulled the fire alarm, so at like 2 a.m. we are jogging down the stairs from the 44th floor with kids in tow.

      Anyway, beside the point. I’m fine with staking you. Email me, and we’ll work something out.

  25. Hi I play a lot of live poker mostly and when I play online I play on Americas cardroom!!I would be honored to get staked and it would be greatly appreciated!!!

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