NFL Underdog Drawing

For those who have been around awhile, you know I love cheering for the underdog. I’ve got two $10 bets on the Tennessee Titans to win the AFC and Super Bowl LII. One bet would pay $280 and the other $500. Not a bad return on investment if they pull off the impossible! Enough of that though. I am doing a drawing and the prize pool will be boosted every time an underdog team wins during the rest of the playoffs.

The Underdogs! (Updated 01/18/2018)

Right now the prize pool is sitting at $150. The Eagles and Jaguars both won upset games, for $100 to be added to the existing $50 starting money.

Sunday 1/21/2018

Jacksonville Jaguars are 8 point underdogs to the New England Patriots
Philadelphia Eagles are 3.5 point underdogs to the Minnesota Vikings

Good luck with your wagers this week! Please help our community grow by sharing on facebook and tweeting on twitter!

Philadelphia Eagles are 3 point underdogs to the Atlanta Falcons (Eagles won! +$50 to the prize pool)
Tennessee Titans are 13.5 point underdogs to the New England Patriots
Jacksonville Jaguars are 7.5 point underdogs to the Pittsburgh Steelers (Jaguars won! +$50 to the prize pool)
New Orleans Saints are 4 point underdogs to the Minnesota Vikings

How the Prize Pool Works

Seeded with $50 to start, for the Titans masterful comeback upset vs. the Chiefs last Saturday!

Every time an underdog wins, $50 will be added to the prize pool. There are 7 games left, to crown the Super Bowl LII champion, so that is up to $350 more added to the drawing, for a nice fat $400 to divvy among you guys who take the time to enter. Granted, if there are no more upsets, that’ll suck, but hey, fifty bucks is fifty bucks, thanks to the upstart team out of Nashville.

How To Enter the Drawing

Sign up an account at Intertops and email me your ID.

Already have an Intertops account? Just email me your ID.

Extra Entries (Your name in the drawing more than once)

Extra entries, how we love thee, let me count the ways!

  • Share/Tweet this post with the handy links at the top of this page. = 1 additional entry.
  • Deposit at Intertops. = 3 additional entries
  • Comment below with your football thoughts. Who is going to win it all? Are you boycotting? Betting tips? = 1 additional entry.
  • Hate sports but you want to deposit somewhere else on my list before February 4th? Email me! = 3 additional entries.

If you have the ability to deposit this month, you can really stack the drawing in your favor.

Oh, and please email me to make sure I get your extra entries tallied up. It’s hard to “count the ways”, if I don’t hear from you!

Good luck everyone! And, may the Titans win me $780 bucks this month!

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  1. I would LOVE to see the Titans beat up on the Pats for sure. I am going with my gut and say the Saints win it all though! Best of luck to the underdogs! Thanks again for another generous giveaway.

    • Oh man, the Titans beating the Patriots would be a huge upset indeed. Surely we are not a 2 touchdown dog! We’ll see…

      Good luck in the drawing. :)

  2. Aaron Lambert says:

    If we are rooting for underdogs I’d have to choose the Falcons. They will be favorites technically next week but dogs the rest of the way and I think they can beat anyone on any weekend. Plus that team should have a sour taste in their mouth.

    • If the Titans don’t manage to pull a miracle, my hopes will be on the Falcons. I was bitterly disappointed when they blew the lead last year. They have as much motivation as anybody, to get revenge this year.

  3. Earlier this year I picked the Steelers to go all the way and I’m stickin’ with that, even though that will be tough without Shazier. His loss was especially felt against the Pats, when nobody could cover Gronk in the 2nd half a few weeks ago. That, and Harrison defecting, will make a potential AFC conference matchup even scarier, but I’ll stand pat.

    My betting tip: Seek out Barb from the pick-em contest, who seems to have some Belichick-level insider info. :p
    Sorry I don’t have a real tip. I mostly guess.

    • LOL! Seek out Barb. She absolutely is crushing the pick’em contest. She was briefly out of 1st at the end of regular season, but is back in first with the first round of playoffs.

      I’ll make sure she knows about this contest and weighs in. :)

  4. Ok, Keith…You talked me into it. Quit twisting my arm now. I am entering the contest. I too love a good underdog comeback so good luck to all us pound fans. Go Titans!!!. After I play my birthday 5 $ I will be looking to deposit at Classic.

  5. I was rooting for the Steelers but now you got me rooting for the underdogs :P I think the Saints have a good shot at not only beating the vikings but winning the whole thing. Thanks for the promo Keith and good luck on your bets!

  6. I’m gonna go with Falcons as well. Not much of a sport person but I am from the Dirty South!!! I have however deposited at 24VIP AND SUPERIOR. I will not be depositing at intertops (AmyyOdenn). However if there are any sign up bonuses please feel free to let me know.

    • Hi Amy,

      I added 3 tickets for your 24VIP/Superior deposits. Thanks for supporting the community! – Hated to see the Falcons go down. They played a close game and definitely had a shot. Titans and Falcons both lost, so I am a bit out in the cold right now. :(

  7. Not into Football too much but sorry about he Titans… going to help out by sharing!

  8. FunSeeker says:

    Hi, I have shared in social media and sad to hear the Titans lost. I posted here this am but do not see my post, so hopefully this is not going to be a duplicate! GL to all!

    • Thank you FunSeeker. :) – Good to see you commenting again! I have added you to the drawing. I got your email with your Intertops info, so we are good to go. Good luck!

  9. barbara golden says:

    one last week of football until the superbowl , still have a slim lead over O-town packers in the pickem pool . Ill be taking the points in both games this weekend and wouldn’t be surprised if both dogs win outright . if the jags d finds a way to shut down the pats offence this could be one of the lowest scoring superbowls ever no matter witch team wins the nfc .

    • Thanks for the input Barb. Most folks don’t give the Jaguars much of a chance against the Patriots, but I hope you are right. I have grown a bit tired of watching Brady hoist the trophy….

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